UX Case study

Heavenly - Case study

UX Case Study
— 2023

Global warming has made us more aware of our consumption. We decided in this project to focus on one of the main pollutants, the cosmetic industry. We have created a website dedicated to selling only vegan and organic cosmetics, from different brands.


The cosmetic industry is among the main causes of environmental pollution, as a result of the use of polluting and not recyclable materials on a huge scale.

Today, there are platforms that allow consumers to buy sustainable cosmetics. However, the use of these platforms is inconvenient to use and not sufficiently accessible and efficient. There is no existing platform that combines all the information in one place, and allows the consumer to check and compare specific items they’re looking for, and shop more environmentally friendly alternatives.


User flow


Easy access to sustainable and ethical cosmetics brands, all in one website.

Heavenly cosmetics is a website that helps the user make more sustainable-cosmetics choices. While browsing the websites, you can compare and see every brand that is implicated with the environment and certified vegan and crueltyfree.

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